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Metal vs Canvas Prints: Which is Better?
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Metal vs Canvas Prints: Which is Better?

If you are planning on hanging up some artwork in your home, you might not know which kind to go with. Sure, regular canvas material and a traditional canvas print is always a good way to go. However, there are also other options available, ones that might allow for some sharper detail, with metallic prints being a go-to option. Today, we want to compare metal prints and acrylic prints on a side by side basis to determine which is best for you.


Important Differences: Metal vs Canvas Prints

There are some fairly big differences between metal and canvas prints that need to be taken into account.


The biggest difference here is of course in terms of the material. One of these objects is made of canvas, whereas the other is made of metal. Metallic prints or aluminum prints are made with metal sheets, and they often allow for a glossy finish with vibrant colors. Brilliant colors, sharp details, and colors that pop are characteristics of metal prints.

On the other hand, canvas prints are made on canvas, a special type of fabric. Inkjet printers are used to transfer an image onto canvas, which is then stretched over a wooden frame. Although canvas prints also allow for bold colors, they won’t pop like with a glossy metal print.


If what you are looking for is color vibrancy and vivid colors, along with sharp details, then metal artwork, such as on aluminum sheets, is best. Art prints made of metal are generally very striking in nature, with metal photo prints becoming very popular for this exact reason. The spectrum of colors is generally greater with metal prints.  

That said, there are also matte prints available, although this is much less common. On the other hand, if what you are looking for in a print type is depth and texture, then a canvas print might be better for you.

When it comes to metal prints vs canvas prints, the differences in colors and vibrancy cannot be ignored. If it is deep colors and warm colors that you’re looking for, then canvas is probably the better printing option for you. Keep in mind that metal is usually flat and smooth as well, whereas canvas offers a somewhat textured surface.


Something that we just can’t ignore about using metal for wall art displays is that it is durable and long lasting. Depending on the metal choice for portraits or otherwise, these pieces can be great for outdoor settings, as they are physically durable and resist weather as well.

On the other hand, as far as popular choices for art go, although canvas is certainly up there in terms of premium products, it’s not suitable for outdoor use. A piece of art with a wooden frame and a canvas base is not weather resistant or impact resistant.


Pros and Cons of Metal Prints

Let’s take a quick look at all of the biggest pros and cons that come with metal prints.


  • Metal art prints are highly durable, resistant to scratches, and weather resistant.
  • Metal artwork looks sleek and modern, with bold and vibrant colors.
  • When compared to some other materials, metal prints can be quite lightweight.
  • Due to their durability, metal artwork prints are often suitable for outdoor use.


  • Low-quality options may rust if exposed to moisture.
  • Metal prints will usually always cost more than a canvas print.


Pros and Cons of Canvas Prints

Let’s take a quick look at all of the biggest pros and cons that come with canvas print options.


  • Canvas art prints have very warm colors and inviting auras, and they work well for most kinds of home décor.
  • Canvas artwork can be unframed or framed.
  • Canvas photo prints tend to be quite cost-effective.
  • Their lightweight nature makes canvas prints easy to mount.


  • Canvas prints are not overly durable.
  • Colors on canvas prints aren’t quite as vibrant as on metal.


How to Choose the Best Option for Your Photos

There are several factors you’ll want to consider when selecting the best option for your photos, including the following.

  • Consider what your existing home decor looks like as metal and canvas is very different and will not match the same kind of home decorations.
  • For high traffic areas, you might want to consider metal, whereas canvas is fine for areas that don't see much traffic.
  • If you like the textured and matte look of canvas, then this is the obvious choice, although metal is better if you like gloss and vibrancy.
  • There is quite the price difference between canvas and metal prints, so your budget will make a difference.


How to Style: Canvas vs Metal Prints

Your choice will also depend on the environment that you're looking to create. For instance, if you're looking to create a modern and sleek environment with minimalist decor, then metal art prints are great. This is also the case if you are looking to create some kind of industrial theme. However, if the piece of artwork you are looking to create is meant to be more subtle and warm, and your home decor is more traditional comma than canvas is likely better.


Prices: Canvas vs Metal Prints

There are several factors to consider when comparing the price between canvas and metal prints. For instance, smaller canvas prints can cost as little as $20, or up to 200 for larger ones. However, metal prints generally start as low as $50, with prices ranging up to $500 or higher.


Are They Worth The Money?

Whether or not either of these options are worth the money is totally up to you. If you want something durable, modern, and sleek, then spending the extra money on metal prints is a good option.


What’s the Best Material to Print Art On?

What material is best to print art on really depends on what your purposes are. If you need something that works well with modern designs, you want something edgy and sleek, you need vibrant and bold colors, and you want something durable, then a metal art print is best.

However, if you are going for warmer and subtler colors, you want to achieve a more traditional look, and you like the texture that canvas brings to the table, then canvas art prints are the obvious choice.

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