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14 Customized Gift Ideas for Your Friend's Birthday
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14 Customized Gift Ideas for Your Friend's Birthday

If you are looking for some personalized gifts, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s no secret that finding good gifts for friends that have a personal touch can be very difficult. After all, finding the perfect gift is not easy, and there are a lot of factors to consider. So, what makes for a perfect friendship gift. Let’s take a look at some great personalized birthday gifts for friends.

1. Custom Canvas Print

When it comes to thoughtful gifts, a custom canvas print might be the way to go. The cool thing about canvas prints is that you can print virtually anything you want on them. This makes them ideal not only for friends' gifts, but also for gifts for kids, baby shower gifts, and more. As far as gifts for BFFs are concerned, making a custom canvas print allows you to show emotion that you might otherwise not be able to.

2. Personalized Metal Wall Art

When it comes to gifts for mom and friends alike, a piece of personalized metal wall art could always be a good option. Metal wall art can be bright, bold, and vibrant, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. A personalized piece of metal wall art could also contain a special message or be adorned with heartfelt keepsakes that your friend will appreciate.

3. A Digital Photo Frame

As far as signs of meaningful relationships go, a digital photo frame is yet another good option to consider, something that our future generations will absolutely appreciate once physical art has all but disappeared. Digital photo frames are really cool because you can display a wide selection of photos and images, starting with Happy Birthday!

4. Engraved Photo Keychains

When it comes to getting a good gift for the special women or special men in your life, you could always have some custom prints turned into keychains. Everybody has keys, and everyone needs keychains, which automatically makes this one of our very favorite gift ideas. Those photos on keychains may not be very large, but they’re more than big enough to display the beauty of friendship.

5. A Custom Illustrated Phone Case

If you are looking for more-grownup gifts, getting your friend a custom illustrated phone case is something worth looking into. Whether we are talking about 30th birthday gifts or a 60th birthday gift, a funny illustrated phone case might just be what everyone needs to lift their spirits. The cool thing is that phone cases are relatively affordable, even when you put custom images on them.

6. A Custom Pet Portrait

When it comes to custom B-Day gifts, if your friend is someone who loves pets, then getting a custom pet portrait made is a great idea. It’s a really beautiful gift that any pet owner is bound to appreciate. You can have a custom pet portrait commissioned on metal, acrylic, canvas, or anything in between. If it’s a pet that you want to have featured, then this is certainly a great birthday gift idea to keep in mind.

7. A Personalized Comic Book

If you are looking for boyfriend birthday gifts, you might want to look into making a personalized comic book where your boyfriend is the hero. As far as showing that your bond of friendship transcends both time and space, having your favorite man (or woman!) featured in their own comic book is a great way to go about it.

8. Engraved Jewelry

If you’re looking to give a birthday gift to a friend, maybe someone who you hope might become more than a friend, then some engraved jewelry is a good choice. While engraved jewelry might not be ideal for platonic

friends, it’s certainly heartfelt!

9. A DIY Painting Kit

When it comes to friends that like to create their own art, what better gift than a nice DIY painting kit? This could be as simple as an easel, a stand, and some oil paints, although it could of course be much more comprehensive as well. The point is that sometimes the best gifts are those that speak to the talents of those receiving them.

10. A Custom Puzzle

In terms of heartfelt gifts for your friends, having a custom puzzle made is a cool idea. A custom puzzle could take many different forms. A custom puzzle could display a heartfelt message, a personal picture, or simply a scene of something that the recipient enjoys. Of course, if you are to give someone a puzzle, they have to be inclined to actually put it together.

11. An Acrylic Photo Print

If you’d like to keep things simple, and you want to give your friend a nice photo, then going for something like an acrylic photo print could be a neat idea. Acrylic photo prints have some really cool properties that make it look like an image has depth, almost like it’s 3D. In fact, you could even have a 3D acrylic sculpture made!

12. A Personalized Bookmark

If you have a friend that loves to read, but they always lose their spot in their book, then there’s not much better than a personalized bookmark. As far as custom gift ideas go, a personalized bookmark may be something small and inexpensive, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t have great sentimental value.

13. A Custom Recipe Book

When it comes to great gifts for your friend's birthdays, a good idea might be a custom recipe book. If you have a friend who loves to cook, but always forgets what ingredients they need, a custom recipe book might be ideal. Even better is if you fill the custom recipe book with all of their favorite recipes that they like to cook on a regular basis. This way, they'll never forget the most important steps and ingredients ever again.

14. A Personalized Vinyl Record

Although this is a little old school, probably older than most of the younger generations can remember, a personalized vinyl record makes for a really neat idea. As far as old school gifts are concerned, a personalized vinyl record that contains all of the recipient's favorite is certainly quite sentimental.

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