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Keep the Memories of Your Pets Alive: Forever in Your Heart
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Keep the Memories of Your Pets Alive: Forever in Your Heart

If your pet recently passed away, or may be living out its last days as we speak, then it might be a good idea for you to make some kind of memorial or keepsake that will allow your pet’s memory to live on forever. In case you’re having trouble figuring out how to keep the memories of your pets alive, keep reading, because that’s exactly what we are here for right now.

Memorial Gardens

To remember your furry friends, creating a memorial garden is always a good option. Set aside a small space in your backyard, set up some plants and flowers, maybe a little bench, and even a water feature. You can use a variety of memorial items to keep the memory alive. Having your fur baby’s name engraved on a nice bench is a possibility.

Rainbow Bridges

For pet parents who really want to make the most out of this gesture, having a small rainbow bridge sculpted is a good idea. A rainbow bridge depicts your pet crossing into the afterlife, and it’s meant to be a very joyful and inspiring piece. You can always base this on a favorite picture, so you can really keep those memories alive.

Clay Paw Prints

A clay paw print is a simple but effective way to keep happy memories alive and well. Making a clay paw print is not very difficult, and it’s something that you can also do with some salt dough. Whenever you see that pay, it will be like a stroll down memory lane. What’s really neat is that you could make a paw for each year that your dog is on this planet, to show its progression in life.

Ink Nose Prints

Another cool way to keep the memories of your animal companions alive is to create ink nose prints. Using non-toxic ink, create a print of your dog’s nose. You can then always add more artistic elements to this, such as some of your favorite photos. These ink nose prints can be customized in any way you see fit. Another option is to make ink nose prints.

Cremation Jewelry

Although this may not be for everyone, it is possible to have cremation jewelry created. There are plenty of jewelry options out there, but nothing quite as special or touching as a piece made out of the remains of your old pet. It makes for a much smaller alternative to a memorial stone, and it’s something that you can carry around with you too.

Canvas Photo Prints

Perhaps one of the best ideas to keep the memories of your pets alive is to make some full-sized canvas photo prints. Canvas photo prints can be in black and white, they can be small or large, you can put a frame around them or not, and you can put them virtually anywhere in your home too.

A Magnetic Photo Wall

If you want to go big, a good idea is to make a magnetic photo wall. Choose a favorite spot in your home, and make the wall magnetic period to make a wall magnetic, you can put up a magnetic poster board or even paint the wall using magnetic paint. You can then gather all of your favorite pictures of your pets and your amazing memories with them, and hang them up on the magnetic board.

A Beautiful Photo Collage

If you've got a lot of different animal friends that need memorializing, creating a beautiful photo collage is another great option. You can choose to use dozens if not hundreds of different pictures and create a massive collage along a whole wall using a bunch of photos.

Stained Glass Art

If you really want to do something that's going to stand out, and you like having a lot of color options at your disposal, having a piece of stained-glass art commissioned is another idea. Stained glass art won't look overly realistic, but it makes for a great artistic way to display your pet.

Custom Pet Portraits

If you’ve got a bit of extra money to spare, having a custom pet portrait made is something else to consider. This is a great idea if you’d like to choose a specific artistic style to have your pet memorialized in, whether hyper realistic or abstract, color or black and white.

Handmade Quilts

If you happen to have a lot of old blankets, covers, toys, and other fabrics that are associated with your pets, then making a handmade quilt is something else you could do. There aren’t many things that could be more heartwarming and personalized than a homemade quilt.

Engraved Stones

If you are looking to create some kind of outdoor memorial, a good idea is to create an engraved pet memorial stone. What's nice about a memorial stone is that you can also place this in a pet cemetery, in the event that you buried your pet in one of these locations. These make for very permanent tributes to any pet.

Digital Art

Another cool option is to get yourself a digital photo frame, and then use it to display a variety of pet photos. Digital photo frames are really cool because you can rotate as many photos as you see fit. Simply upload the ones you want to display and take it from there.

A Memory Candle

Creating a memory candle of your beloved pet is another way to ensure that their memory stays alive for many years to come. Pet candles can be commissioned to look exactly like your pet, and you can choose to make them any size and color as you see fit. You could also choose to have a scented candle made, for an extra bit of sentimental value.

A Pet Tattoo

Although this isn’t going to be everyone’s first choice, having your body inked with a beautiful pet tattoo will certainly keep their memory alive. Not only does this preserve a pet’s memory, but it also allows you to express your artistic side.

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