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How to Hang Metal Wall Art
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How to Hang Metal Wall Art

If you’ve gotten yourself some really nice metal wall art, then you’re probably at a loss for how to hang it up. After all, hanging up metal artwork takes a bit of knowhow, and in some cases you’ll need some more specialized equipment than just that tape measure and hammer alone. Today, we’re going to look at many different ways to hang metal wall art, including using wall anchors, adhesive tape, French cleats, and much more!

How to Hang Metal Wall Art: Various Methods

There are quite a few ways to hang up metal signs and metal art of all types and sizes, and here are the most common ones. Remember that before you start however, you might want to put that metal art piece on a weighing scale to determine how heavy it is.

In large, the hanging hardware you’ll need for this purpose will depend on the weight of the piece. Remember that larger pieces and heavier pieces will need more heavy-duty hanging hardware than lightweight metal art pieces.

Adhesive Strips & Double-Sided Tape

If you don’t want to have to deal with hammer and nails and the hassle that nails entail, and you just need to hang up a lightweight piece of handmade metal art, using adhesive strips or double sided tape is a good idea.

Adhesive tape is great because it will prevent you from damaging surfaces like a smooth wall. This is a very common hanging method for lightweight art when you want to prevent damage from nails. If you want to hang the artwork outdoors, such as on an exterior brick wall, using 3M exterior double-sided tape might just be your best bet.

Velcro Strips or Command Strips

Another option you have at your disposal, as far as effective methods for hanging lightweight metal art is concerned, is to use some kind of Command Strip or general Velcro strip. Yes, Command Strips can also be adhesive in nature, but there are also many that feature Velcro.

These are fantastic because you can easily take the artwork and move it around as you see fit. Remember that there are heavy-duty Command Strips and heavy-weight Command Strips for those big pieces. You really can’t ignore the convenience of Command Strips!

Wreath Hangers

If you’re looking to hang that perfect piece of Mooi metal art, doing so right on your front door could be a good option. When it comes to displaying outdoor metal art, there’s rarely a better place than right on the front door for the whole world to see. Using a simple wreath hanger will work perfectly fine. Even better is an adjustable wreath hanger!

D-Ring or Z-Bar Hanger

We will take a closer look further below at the Z-bar, but what we’re really interested in here is the D-ring hanger. D-rings are simple locking D-shaped hoops that you can attach to various pieces of artwork that require a lot of stability. The rings then attach to nails or screws on the wall. If you have heavy pieces of metal artwork, then using a D-ring is a go-to option.


Whether it's a smooth surface or not, using nails to hang up metal artwork is always an option. As long as the metal artwork has a hanging bracket or a hanging wire, virtually any spot in your home could be the perfect spot for your artwork. All you have to do is find those wall studs, hammer some nails into the wall, and hang up the picture as needed.

Screws and Wall Anchors

If you're looking to hang up some art on the walls and you need the hanging method to support a good deal of weight, such as for a heavy piece of artwork, then using screws and wall anchors is your next best bet.

Those metal prints can weigh quite a bit, and you don't want them pulling out of the wall. Therefore, using special wall anchors that will hold the screws in place and be able to hold up a lot of weight is a great way to hang up any amazing metal sign that you may have. If you’re inserting screws into drywall, make sure to use drywall anchors!

Picture Hanging Hooks

The next option at your disposal for hanging up decorative metal art is to use simple picture hanging hooks. As long as the metal artwork in question has some kind of hanging bracket, then using picture metal hooks is a fantastic way to hang up your favorite metal wall art.

The French Cleat System

If you've got a really heavy piece of wall art that needs hanging up, and you need it to be as secure as possible, then the hanging of metal wall art should be done using the French cleat system. Heavier metal wall art poses a great risk of pulling out of your wall, which means that you need something stable and secure. If you have high quality metal wall art and you want it to stay in one piece, using a two-piece French cleat system is recommended.

A Magnetic Mount or Paint

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to hang up metal art in your home is to use none other than a magnetic mount. A magnetic mount is like a picture frame or a mount of any other shape that you nail or screw into the wall. That magnetic mount then allows you to attach any piece of metal art to it, so long as the metal is magnetic. It’s a really convenient way to go about this process. You could even use magnetic paint! 

A Gallery Rail System

A great way to hang up all of your favorite metal artwork, particularly at eye-level, is by using a gallery rail system. A gallery rail system is convenient because it allows you to find the exact spot you want for a piece of art on the horizontal axis, and you can hang up multiple pieces on a single rail system. If you want a lot of wart on walls, then a gallery rail system might just be best for you. 


How to Hang Metal Wall Art: Step-by-Step

Let’s go over a quick tutorial on how to hang metal wall art. 

Step 1: Choose Your Hardware 

You first need to choose your hanging hardware. We’ve provided you with an extensive guide above on all of the different types of hanging hardware you could need, so choose wisely!

Step 2: Prepare the Wall

Before doing anything, you first want to clean the surface of the wall to make sure that it looks good, and so that there is no debris present which may prevent proper mounting. 

Step 3: Prepare the Art 

Now is the time to attach any needed mounting hardware to the piece of art, such as French cleats or D-rings. 

Step 4: Measure Carefully

To make sure that you hang the metal art in the right spot, measure the location where you want to install it, and if needed, measure the distance in between multiple pieces. This artwork calculator can help you on this front. 

Step 5: Hang the Art

You can now hang the mounting hardware as needed, and then hang the art from the hardware, followed by any fishing touches, such as leveling.

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