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12 Unique Ways to Showcase Your Memories in Your Home
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12 Unique Ways to Showcase Your Memories in Your Home

When it comes to displaying family photos and sentimental items in your home, there are some really creative ways to go about it. When it comes to your family history, while simple picture frames might be fine to create an artful photo display, there are also some really unique display methods out there. Here we have 12 unique ways to showcase your favorite memories in your home.

1. Gallery Wall

When it comes to conversation pieces, a gallery wall made out of all of your favorite photos and precious memories, such as from your wedding day. Here, you can take whatever photos and sentimental items that you want, and put them in a variety of frames, and then hang them up for a full wall-size display. If you are feeling really adventurous, creating a ceiling display could also be an option.

2. Floating Shelves

If you really want to create a beautiful piece of art in your home, you can try hanging up some floating shelves. These are shelves that are mounted to the wall with invisible or clear brackets, giving them the appearance that they are floating. It’s a great way to display all of your favorite prints on the wall, and it’s quite cost-effective too. Those floating shelves certainly make for good dinner conversation!

3. Memory Jars or Boxes

If you are looking to add your own personal touches to the equation, then a powerful tool at your disposal is the memory jar. A memory jar is a great way to display your family memories. This could be framed photos, sentimental pieces, or really objects of any kind. The point is to take anything that represents special memories, like your favorite recipes that you used to make with your parents, and display them in special jars or artistic boxes.

4. Shadow Boxes

If you have some common family heirlooms that you’d like to display in your home, then using a shadow box is a good idea. A shadow box is a deep and framed display case with glass fronts, designed to house three-dimensional objects, such as family artifacts or that super traditional family cookbook that brings back some great memories.

5. Magnetic Memo Boards

Yet another idea that you can take advantage of is to use magnetic memo boards. Magnetic memo boards can be easily attached to any wall, and they're very versatile too. Using magnets, you can simply add and remove anything you like. You can take those family films and turn them into a series of pictures that you can hang up on your magnetic memo board to keep your family memories alive. It's also a great way to hang up a simple family portrait.

6. A Cork Board

Similar to a magnetic memo board, you could also use a cork board, otherwise known as a bulletin board, an affordable option to consider. A cork board looks a little more old school and traditional than a magnetic memo board. Instead of using magnets, you use small pins or thumbtacks to hang up all of your favorite family recipes and family stories displayed on paper or photos. Depending on what it is, you could even hang up some family trinkets on a cork board.

7. Digital Photo Frames

Yet another great idea as far as unique ways to showcase your memories and personal items in your home, using digital photo frames is always a cool idea. Sure, physical items like jars and picture frames are great, but digital photo frames allow you to cycle through a wide variety of photos on display, creating an ever-changing gallery of art that always displays new pictures. Instead of getting a variety of frames, get a single digital frame with a variety of pictures.

8. A Polaroid Clothesline

Another cool idea as far as displaying your family memories is concerned is to create a polaroid clothesline. Sure, Polaroids might be old school as well, but this is a part of their charm. Creating dedicated spaces with polaroid clotheslines can act as a time capsule into the past or just serve as one of the best decorative elements to ever grace your home!  Once you’re done displaying your polaroids, you can then transfer them into a physical photo book.

9. A Vintage Suitcase Display

Something that could serve as a great way to display all of those memories is a vintage suitcase display. Here, you would take an old suitcase and prop it open, and then fill it with a variety of sentimental goods, such as loose photographs, 3D objects, and sentimental objects of all kinds.

10. A Memory Tree

If you want to display your family tree for everyone to see, and you have a good outdoor space to take advantage of, creating a memory tree is another fine option to consider. Here, you would take physical photographs and objects of all sorts, and attach them to a branch or tree, thus creating a very unique and beautiful display.

11. A Scrapbook Wall

If you want to go with a really creative option, making a scrapbook wall out of any photos of amazing moments you have, along with additional prints of your choosing, is something else to keep in mind. It’s a great way to display all of those big life moments, and if you want to get sentimental about it, it could even be turned into somewhat of a memorial space.

12. A Memory Quilt

Last but not least, we have the memory quilt, which perhaps makes for one of the best gifts for family members of all. On that note, creating a family quilt out of old scraps makes for a really fun family activity as well. It’s a really nice way to keep the family legacy alive, like a family album but on fabric instead of paper. If you have enough old clothes, blankets, and more, you can effectively make a quilt out of decades of family memories, with both current family and past family included.

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