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12 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Photo Magnets: Beyond the Fridge
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12 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Photo Magnets: Beyond the Fridge

If you’ve got some custom photo magnets with your favorite photos, you might not know what to do with them. Sure, some basic photo fridge magnets are fine, but that can be a little boring, and after all, photo magnets are for more than just kitchen spaces. When it comes to those family pictures and motivational quotes, today we are going to provide you with 12 creative ideas for how to display those picture magnets of yours.

1. Hanging Magnetic Memo Board on the Wall

A great idea to help bring all of your favorite travel memories and favorite quotes to life is by hanging those picture magnets on a memo board on the wall. There are plenty of magnetic memo boards that you can hang anywhere in your home, which you can use as a constant reminder of all of those good times you had in those high-resolution images.

2. Photo Gallery Wall

For those creative souls who want to create a full-scale artistic masterpiece, creating a full-scale photo gallery wall might just be the perfect solution to display all of those special moments. You can use existing photo frames that already have other pictures in them, and then attach your custom fridge magnets to them.

3. Decorative Metal Trays

A really neat idea is to take a variety of personalized magnets and attach them to decorative metal trays. These metal trays can be displayed anywhere you see fit, and they make for a good option for more formal occasions too. Whether we are talking about wedding magnets, business magnets, or birthday magnets, displaying them in an organized manner on a decorative metal tray is always an option to consider.

4. Hanging Wire Grids

Whether you want to paste some quotes onto magnets or you have vintage charm magnets, a notable idea is to make a hanging wire grid. Using magnetic wire, creating a hanging grid against a wall where you can display whatever magnets you see fit. It’s a good idea to use 4x4 magnets for this, so you can easily secure them to the wire.

5. Magnetic Picture Frames

If you have an adorable photo magnet, and you don’t know what to do with it, then using magnetic picture frames might be an idea. Magnetic picture frames allow you to switch the magnets at will, so you can have a constantly rotating display of magnets. What’s cool is that no matter if you are using clay magnets, DIY photo magnets, or custom-made photo magnets, they all look great on a dedicated frame.

6. Magnetic Paint Wall

One of the more unique ideas is to cover your wall with magnetic paint. Yes, there is paint that is magnetic, and once it dries, anything magnetic will stick to it. It’s a really cool way to attach those magnetic family pictures, a family portrait, and all of your most exciting memories to the wall. This also effectively creates a rotating display where you can constantly switch out photos of all of your favorite family moments.

7. Using Window Frames

When it comes to displaying those favorite family photos and collections of memories alike, using metallic window frames is always a go-to choice. If you have a lot of magnets, you can create a collection of images around the perimeter of a window or several windows. That said, make sure that they aren’t windows that you open and close all the time, or else the magnets may fall off.

8. A Mesh Room Divider

If you want to get really creative, you could create a wire mesh room divider. By using high-quality wire, you can create a grid that spans a whole room, thus effectively making a room divider that you can then hang all of those personalized photo magnets from. Of course, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, as it does qualify as an extensive project, but it’s also a great way to create a huge display of customized photo magnets.

9. Using Furniture as Accents

If you have some great-looking artwork magnets, another option at your disposal is to attach them to various pieces of furniture around your home. It’s definitely a good way to display all of those personalized magnets in an eclectic manner. Yes, your furniture has to be made out of magnetic metals for this to work, but you’re bound to find at least one thing in your home that will work for this purpose. Patio furniture is often made with magnetic metals, just as an idea!

10. Using Portable Magnet Boards

Although portable magnet boards are generally designed for educational and business purposes, they also make for a great way to display a custom magnet of any size, shape, and color. Portable magnet boards are really convenient if you want to set up a mobile display that you can take from one room to another whenever you see fit.

11. Magnetic Ceiling

A very innovative idea would be to create a magnetic ceiling. This can be done through a variety of means, including mounting magnetic ceiling tiles, painting with magnetic paint, or attaching magnetic strips to the ceiling. Whatever the case may be, this is a great way to create an artistic masterpiece that you get to enjoy every time you look upwards. Just make sure that your photo magnets are powerful enough to remain secure on the ceiling, so they don’t come crashing down on you!

12. Inside of a Vintage Suitcase

If you want something portable, and you have a vintage suitcase that is made of metal, then this serves as a cool way to display all of your favorite magnets. In case the suitcase in question is not magnetic, you could always line it with a magnetic material. This allows for an innovative way to display all of your magnets in your home and on-the-go. When you’re done with the display, just zip up the suitcase for easy storage!

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