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Baloon House Personalized Coaster Set of 6 Rustic Burlap Vintage Home Decor for Kitchen

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Shape: Square - Set of 6

  • Personalized Coaster with Bloon Home Design. Set of 6 Square Burlap Coaster comes with coaster holder base, holds 6 coasters. Best for Vinatge Home Decor Designs
  • Sturdy and Soft Material keeps your table free from scratches
  • Hand-Crafted and High-Quality Custom Coasters in Bulk. 100% handmade, made in the USA. 
  • Best for Rustic Home Decor Kitchen
  • Enjoy with fast and free shipping!

How can I personalize the Balloon House Coaster Set?

To personalize your Balloon House Coaster Set, you can typically provide the specific text, names, or dates you wish to have printed on the coasters. This is usually done at the time of purchase through the seller's website or contact form. Specify your personalized details clearly in the provided text box or communication method suggested by the seller. Ensure to double-check your personalized information for any errors before confirming your order to ensure the final product reflects your desired customization accurately.

What materials are used in the Balloon House Coaster Set, and how do I care for them?

The Balloon House Coaster Set is crafted from rustic burlap, giving it a unique vintage charm ideal for adding a touch of warmth to your kitchen decor. To care for your burlap coasters, gently spot clean any spills or stains with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Avoid soaking them in water or using harsh chemicals, as this could damage the material and fade the personalized prints. Let the coasters air dry flat to maintain their shape and quality. Regular care will ensure your coasters remain beautiful and functional for a long time.