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15 Ways to Showcase Your Polaroid Photos
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15 Ways to Showcase Your Polaroid Photos

Those old polaroid film photos aren’t doing you any good just sitting around. While that old SX-70 film might look really cool, your favorite photos are going to waste by not being displayed. If you have a lot of blank walls in your home, and you’re short on regular photo holders and you don’t want to use a regular photo album, then you’ve come to the right place. Right now, we want to take a look at 15 ways to showcase your polaroid photos with a highly personal touch.

1. Polaroid Photo Garland

If you want to display your old Instax Mini photos, then making a polaroid photo garland is always a good option. Here, you would take all of those old instant photos and connect them using a ribbon, twine, or anything else of the sort, to create a decorative Garland that you can then hang on your walls. It's a really great way to display your old beautiful retro-style photos.

If you have some regular classic-size photos, another option you have is to make a photo clothesline. Here, you would take those color photos of yours and hang them on a clothesline, which you can then span across any space, whether a wall, along the ceiling, or anywhere in between. The cost of photo paper today isn’t that high either, which makes this a great way to display photos.

3. A Polaroid Wall Grid

If you have dozens of photos that you want to display, making a polaroid wall grid is always an option. Depending on the type of wall you have, it might be cool to take those Fujifilm Instax Mini photos, put them in some frames with white borders, and then create a grid of photos on your wall.

4. A Polaroid Frame Collage

If you’ve got a ton of old film bundles laying around, and you don’t know what to do with all of them, a good idea is to make a polaroid frame collage. It’s kind of like making a wall grid, but a more artistic way to display that collection of pictures. Making a collage also allows you to put some of those DIY picture frame ideas to use that you’ve just been dying to try out.

5. A Hanging Photo Mobile

When it comes to displaying a collection of pictures, whether full-size or mini pictures, using an old or new children’s mobile is worth considering. This makes for a really warm and friendly picture display. You could even get some fairy lights or just a mobile with battery-powered lights, to shine a bit of direct light on those photos, for a really great-looking display.

6. A Photo Jar

If you just have a couple of photos that you want to display, making a photo jar is something you could do. A photo jar is literally just any kind of jar that you think looks nice, into which you insert some polaroid photos. Just make sure that it is a clean and transparent jar, so the photo on the inside can be easily seen. In case you are short on ideas for birthday gifts or baby gifts, this is always a go-to option.

7. A Polaroid Photo Book

Alright, so we said that a regular photo book might be a bit boring, but who are we kidding?! Sometimes there is just nothing like a traditional photo book to showcase all of those classic polaroids.

8. A Polaroid Photo Table Runner

By sewing or gluing a variety of photos to fabric, you can effectively create a beautiful table runner. A table runner is a piece of fabric that runs the length of the table. It's a really cool way to display all of your family photos whenever your guests come over. Every time you have dinner, you get to see your family.

9. A Wall Mural

If you've got some really artistic and abstract photos, a cool option is to make a wall mural. Murals are generally a lot more artistic in nature, and aren't quite so drab. It's a great way to bring some life to any room.


10. Photo Coasters

Perhaps one of the most creative ideas on the list today, you can have special custom coasters made using your favorite photos. Get the best photos you can find, have them turned into drink coasters, and then pass them out to your guests at your next cocktail party. It’s certainly bound to get the conversation flowing!

11. A Polaroid Photo Wreath

If you’re someone who likes displaying things in a more traditional manner, creating a photo wreath is a good idea. Here, you would create a wreath out of wire and other materials, and then attach the photos along the outside. You can then hang this up anywhere you see fit, even right on your front door!

12. A Polaroid Photo Wall Clock

Take all of those old polaroids and create a custom wall clock out of them. Each picture will represent a specific hour or time on the clock. Sure, this one takes a bit of ingenuity, as you’ll need to find a custom clock maker, but it is a neat idea nonetheless.

13. A Photo Lampshade

When it comes to making those photos really pop, there’s not much better than a polaroid photo lampshade. By securing photos to a lampshade, you are effectively providing them with illumination, and this makes them highly visible from anywhere in the room.

14. A Polaroid Wall Tapestry

Something else you can try doing is creating a Polaroid wall tapestry. Take all of your old polaroids and carefully sew them into one large quilt by using one large piece of fabric. You can then hang this on your wall, just like any other wall carpet.

15. Turn Them Into Digital Photos

Okay, so polaroid photos are cool, but we’re in the 21st century, and if you want to get with the times, converting those polaroids into digital photos might be a good choice. This will provide you with backups in case the polaroids get damaged, and you can then display them use a digital photo frame. 


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